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Carol A. Lunsford

To your soul mate
 #W 231   The Other Part of Me

     Carol’s  Works  presents inspirational messages for special occasions.
    Messages for the family  and from a family member are available.  Read the     excerpts below. Choose the verses that best suit your needs. Better yet,    
    contact Carol’s  Works and request an individualized message for a  
    specific situation.
A sampling of our messages.  Contact us for special requests

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From a mother to her  daughter   
#W-202  Always My Daughter  

  Carol will create any message with an illustration...all you have  
   to do is to select the artwork, the writing and let Carol know.



  Carol's Tips

For anyone who holds someone with special needs close to your heart.
                 # W-218   Pots of Gold
 A gift from Carol's Works for anyone wishing to improve their oral communication skills.

Create a Personalized Journal

For the first time Dad to be  
# W 109   Dreams for a Baby Girl

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