Carol A. Lunsford

Visionary Artist

Featuring Impressionistic Folk Art

Carol A. Lunsford resides in the metropolitan Atlanta Georgia area. She grew up in a family of artists. Both of her parents and her brother played musical instruments and could sing anything. Her father handcrafted furniture, her mother designed clothing, taught cake decorators how to decorate, and her brother could design anything architectural.  Her extended family abounds with graphic artists, musicians, movie personalities, college professors, and many fine artists. Carol states she was born to draw and paint because it's in her genes.

Carol's passion with painting began after a 30 year career teaching students with special needs. Finally the scribblings became published poetry and stories, the artwork began to have a life of its own, and Carol's Works was born.

Carol is a visionary artist. She has no formal training except for a degree in theater from Mars Hill College. Under the tutelage of her drama professors, she learned perspective, painting, and performing. She states, "Up is still up, down is still down, and red, yellow and blue still produce any color you need. All you have to do is mix them correctly."

Carol terms her artwork Impressionistic Folk Art. All artwork is her impression of the subject and she is now officially and OLD FOLK. She works mainly in acrylic but is not shy about including any medium that produces the effect she wants. She's been known to use food coloring (Carol says, "You paint cakes, don't you?") and even sheet-rock compound to add texture--it's OK to use she says because "after all you paint your house." 

Carol's artwork can be found in private collections across the United States. Her artwork is often sought for  book covers. 

She is a multi-award winning artist and author. Her first writings were published while in high school. Her writings have appeared in Advent Devotionals for local churches and newsletters for non-profit organizations; in Go With Us and By the Tree, anthologies of poetry and prose; The Toastmaster Magazine and The Fayette Woman Magazine. 

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