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Dabs and dots of paint brushed together create worlds unknown and sites unseen....imaginary friends and imaginary places come to life.

According to Carol

I was "born to paint". Both parents and my brother played musical instruments and could sing anything. Father handcrafted furniture, mother designed clothing, taught cake decorators how to decorate, and brother could design anything architectural. My extended family abounds with authors, graphic artists, musicians, movie personalities, college professors, and many fine artists. Painting is in my genes.

My passion with painting began after a 30 year career teaching students with special needs. Finally the scribblings became published poetry and stories, the artwork began to have a life of its own, and Carol's Works was born.

My art is "visionary"With no formal training except for a degree in theater from Mars Hill College (now Mars Hill University), under the tutelage of drama professors, I learned perspective, painting, and performing.


"Up is still up, down is still down, red, yellow and blue still create any color you need. All you have to do is mix them correctly."

My paintings are bold and bright. Thinking of NOON, you won't find many shadows lurking around. I use media that creates specific effects. Food coloring creates boldness, sheetrock compound adds depth, acrylic mixed with watercolor paints move from surface to surface with ease.

      What People Say About Carol

Carol is a multi-award winning artist and author. Her first writings were published while in high school.

A haiku, heralding the approaching time of Halloween, On Brooms That Fly, began the love of creating poetry. Carol's writings can be found in Advent Devotionals; in Go With Us and By the Tree, anthologies of poetry and prose.

     Carol's artwork is found in private collections across the United States. Her artwork is often used as book covers.

Carol's Projects include:​

     Commissioned Yard Flags; Logo Designs; Christmas Home Décor Items;

     Custom Greeting Cards; Editor for Fundraising Cookbook Cooking with GREA for Georgia Retired             Educators Association

​Carol is busy in her community. She is a past board member of the following non-profit organizations:

     Fine Arts and Crafts Entrepreneurs (FAACE)

     Fayette Factor family connection (

     Georgia Retired Educators Association (GREA) ( and Georgia Retired 

     Educators Museum (GREM)

Carol currently sits on the leadership board of National Kappa Kappa Iota, Inc. [the nation's oldest professional organization for educators] as the State President for Georgia and as the Region VII Empathy Chair. Carol is the secretary of the state presidents.    

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